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A thought for today

August 6, 2010

Another reinforcement to paint what engages ME, not what might sell.  Because only then will I do my best work.

This is from Dianne Mize’s website:

“Every one of us is born individually unique, and day by day every experience and every expressed gene continually  evolve that uniqueness. As artists, if we tap into that distinctiveness and focus on enabling it to unfold, we will free the authentic artist within .  But if we ignore that uniqueness and bend our artistic development toward the accepted trends of the day, we might be briefly praised and accepted into the powerhouse circles, but we will never become fully actualized.
       Important to this process is that we respond to the subjects and content which engage us and capture our interest rather than concoct themes which might be acceptable somewhere outside of ourselves.  This too is imperative to the evolving and actualizing of our uniqueness.
        It is the natural world and its inhabitants where I find my most impelling stimulation.  Nature remains my model for intriguing design, for enduring form and balance, always reordering, restructuring, always allowing me to glimpse something new and mysterious. From the natural world, humans discovered the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci s
equence, patterns of repetition and variation, unlimited rhythms and principles of design,  each repleat with its own inexhaustible oddity.  
        Using these principles, new discoveries are infinite and the excitement of creating never wears stale.”

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