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Painting The World My Way -The Gouache Book…. This beautiful 6″ x 9″ book has 68 pages and over 100 images. Descriptions of beginnings, demonstrations, and a gallery of gouache paintings. A handy reference book and a nice addition to your library.

For a preview and to order the book go here:

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The Barn Project

This little book is a reflection of my addiction to old wood and rust. I love old barns, and have built a good collection of drawings and paintings of them. The “project” is my contribution to recording many of these old structures for posterity.

To preview and order this little book, go here:

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Becoming A Painter In Only 45 Years

Check out my little book “Becoming A Painter In Only 45 Years”.  In it I share my personal 45 year journey from aspiring art student to full time painter. Included are personal photos and a gallery of drawings and renderings produced during those years. It chronicles the ups and downs of making a living while being an artist,  and shows the work produced as preparation for finally picking up brushes and becoming a painter in my early sixties. It includes 13 photos and 49 images of drawings and renderings.

You can preview it here:


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The Book of Sherwin (working title)… Sherwin the Snail explores the world.  This one is coming along.. A number of illustrations have been done, but the story is a bit of a challenge. I’ll eventually get it right, but there is still much to be done.

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The Whimsitecture Sketches – Drawings and Sketches From Our Own Little World… My first inclination was to ask “Who would buy a little book of whimsical drawings of imaginary places?” And then I decided I knew at least one person who would: me! And since it would be self-published, using an online publisher, and printed on-demand… why not?  Still a ways to go on this one.


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