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Becoming A Painter In Only 45 Years

Check out my little book “Becoming A Painter In Only 45 Years”.  In it I share my personal 45 year journey from aspiring art student to full time painter. Included are personal photos and a gallery of drawings and renderings produced during those years. It chronicles the ups and downs of making a living while being an artist,  and shows the work produced as preparation for finally picking up brushes and becoming a painter in my early sixties. It includes 13 photos and 49 images of drawings and renderings.

You can preview it here

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The Barn Project

This little book is a reflection of my addiction to old wood and rust. I love old barns, and have built a good collection of drawings and paintings of them. The “project” is my contribution to recording many of these old structures for posterity.


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In Progress…



Painting The World My Way -The Gouache Book…. at this stage there are 46 images of paintings, 7 progress examples, 10 photographs… This book on gouache is taken from my blog, and contains explanations of what I’ve learned about gouache and how I paint with it. I’ve combined several step-by-step or progress shots along with many images of my gouache paintings – all in one small 6″x 9″ softcover book. Since this will be self-published, I’m still editing in order to keep the size handy and the price reasonable.

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The Book of Sherwin (working title)… Sherwin the Snail explores the world.  This one is coming along.. A number of illustrations have been done, but the story is a bit of a challenge. I’ll eventually get it right, but there is still much to be done.

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The Whimsitecture Sketches – Drawings and Sketches From Our Own Little World… My first inclination was to ask “Who would buy a little book of whimsical drawings of imaginary places?” And then I decided I knew at least one person who would: me! And since it would be self-published, using an online publisher, and printed on-demand… why not?  Still a ways to go on this one.


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