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June 26, 2019

Very often when I post photos of painting being done in the RV, I tend to crop the photos quite a bit.  But that doesn’t really give an idea of how much space I’m actually using.  Here are some photos that show a little more.

0625191128cat 800

For this project, I’m using the french easel.  I have two old large bath towels that I put down to protect from spills and drips.  I’m a pretty neat painter, so that’s not a big issue, but you can bet that the first time I don’t put the towels down, I’ll drop something really colorful.  And since I’m using acrylics, that would not be good.  On the left side of the leather rocker where I sit is a slideout with a small desk, and wall-mounted TV with a cabinet below.  I’ve tried a lot of different arrangements, but this one seems to be working best.  The laptop with reference photos sits on the desk.


Working with the 30″ x 40″ camvas can fill up some space in an RV, but when one has a very understanding and supportive spouse, it can be done.  The dark blue chair at the desk faces the room for a reason.  It’s also covered with a towel, and when I want to get some distance between me and the painting I can set it on that chair and step back a reasonable distance to study it.


I’ve used a variety of mixing palettes over the years and at the moment I’ve reverted back to the aluminum pan.  Acrylics dry so fast that I’ve had a lot of wasted paint; this allows me to snap the cover on the pan and get a couple of days out of a blob of paint.  The box with all the paint tubes was rescued from an antique/junk shop for less than $20.  It’s solid wood and a bit heavy, but it holds far more paint than I thought it would.

The downside of painting in your living space is that things have to be closed up and put away when it’s time to just live life.  It’s a pain, but I’ve got it down to about a five minute process.  The most time-consuming thing is folding up the french easel legs.  All of this stuff fits under the desk when not in use.

The painting on the easel is about to be painted over and started again.  This is kind of painting is still new to me and I’m still trying to figure out how to make it fit my vision.  On the floor is the beginning of ideas for a second Star Wars panel.

I’m finding that I’m typically good for 3 to 4 hours of painting a day, although there are times when I’m focused and things are moving along and may spread several more hours over a day.  This is truly a major project for me.  It’s frustrating at times, but I’m enjoying discovering new capabilities.


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