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May 15, 2018

When life hands you lemons…

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The weather allowed me to sit outside a couple of mornings this past week while I spent time on some of the Sherwin artwork. Nell went walking around the park and went past a couple of times. She said it was obvious that I was deep in concentration and I was unconsciously gesturing slightly with my left hand, a sort of “this way or that way?” kind of thing. I think her point was that I was immersed in something I love.

I have always been impressed by artists who are storytellers. N.C. Wyeth illustrated written stories and Howard Terpning illustrated moments in Native American life, just to name a couple.  There are, of course, the storybook artists but interestingly enough, I’ve never spent much time studying them, so people like Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit} and  Ernest Howard Shepard (Winnie the Pooh) are, in a way, new to me. I haven’t studied them because I had no thought of being that kind of storyteller. Yet here I am, doing work that is completely foreign to the landscape paintings I’ve spent the last ten years trying to do.

at Mrs Mcadys 2 900

Mrs. McLady’s House, 10 x 12, ink & watercolor

Mrs. McLady’s House isn’t quite finished, but it combines so many things I love:  humor, whimsy, color, a structure, landscape… and the sheer enjoyment of just drawing things, all for the purpose of telling a story.

After several weeks of physical therapy for my shoulder problems there has been some improvement, but I can tell I’m still not ready to paint at an easel.  And that’s okay, because I am thoroughly enjoying this storybook work.  This is my lemonade.

sherwin at the big tree sketch 900

And the possibilities are endless.

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