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I Am A Meanderthal.

April 25, 2018

mēˈandərTHôl: noun. One who meanders  See also wanderer

Yep. I am a meanderthal. And since my last post I have continued to meander through my own little world of art. (My last post, Ramblings, gives a greater explanation.)

In that time, I’ve started several acrylic paintings, done some pencil sketches and a watercolor, and added a nice little ink and watercolor sketch. We delivered that 24×30 acrylic Texas landscape to the Mason Gallery and froze on a cold, windy Saturday on the square in Mason, Texas. And… I’ve been going through physical therapy for some shoulder and elbow pain in my right (painting & drawing) arm.


It was a cold, windy day in Mason, Texas and the sidewalks were empty. The good news was that we got to try out our greatly downsized booth and we like it. Setup and teardown were about 15 minutes tops.

tree on 256 2

Facebook artist friends suggested I try painting left-handed to alleviate the shoulder and elbow pain in my right arm.  It went a little better than I expected. I’ve let this one sit for a while at this point and now I think I’ll make some major composition changes and try some more left hand work.

rio bonito back yard 900

The painting above is an 8×10 acrylic plein air piece on canvas panel. I’ve attempted to paint these trees in our back yard several times and I think this is the closest I’ve come so far. I’m a slow plein air painter and the light changed drastically on me the first day. I went back out the next day at the same time and “finished” it.

hilltop barn 900

Sometimes it’s fun to just make stuff up. The little painting above is a 9×12 acrylic on canvas panel. It’s a total invention, falling into the category “Places In My Mind”. It’s inspired by images of the Texas Hill Country in early April, when the bluebonnets are blooming. So you see…. you CAN make this stuff up.

truck and tractors 900

“Truck and Tractors”… this 11×14 acrylic on stretched canvas was based on a 60 mph photo taken on a drive down to Kerrville, Texas. Of all the photos I shot of the Texas Hill Country, I had to choose this old vehicles and tractors. It was fun to do and nice to discover that I could actually paint something like this.

0424181436a modified 900

“Craftsman At Work”… this little 5×7 watercolor grew out of some sketches I did of workmen doing some “sprucing up” work at the RV park where we live.

0328181626-1 700wide

“Working Man”… 20 x 16 Acrylic  I haven’t done a portrait study in a while and thought I’d take a shot at this one. It’s based on a photo shot by urban explorer William Moore. William’s street photography is amazing and he’s also a very talented artist with an interesting viewpoint.

cow modified 900

My attempts at painting cows continue. While I can draw them with a pencil, I find the translation into paint isn’t easy for me. This one wouldn’t be bad if only the head didn’t look like a pinata.

0422181417amodified 900

And the painting above, working title “River of Gold”, is the latest acrylic in progress. It’s 16×20 on stretched canvas. I’ve made some new gallery contacts, but I don’t have enough inventory of the right genre and medium to show them yet. Thus, my Texas landscape work continues. And besides… I love painting these river scenes.

veranda plants april 2018

And of course there is my personal favorite, ink & watercolor sketching. I  believe I gain as much pleasure from these little 5×7 drawings as the larger paintings. This was done recently while sitting on our patio.

I guess the point of this post was that while I didn’t have a lot to say, I did have a lot to show. Just keeping everyone up to date. Now, go pick up a brush or a pencil and get to work!




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  1. April 26, 2018 3:53 am

    You are certainly expanding your range Ralph.

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