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Gouache Studies

September 12, 2017

grazing goats at900

While I’ve been working mostly with acrylics, I’ve found a way to keep my hand in with gouache. As my focus continues to shift toward southwest and Texas landscapes, I’ve decided to slow down a bit and spend more time in preparation. So as I do sketches of such things as cows, horses, and goats, I’ve started doing preliminary studies in gouache. These are 8×10, with the intent to develop some 16×20 acrylic paintings. By working in acrylics,  don’t have to worry about varnishing, and buyers don’t have to worry about mats and glass unless they just want a larger piece of art on their wall.

These studies are done in a 9×12 sketchbook of Canson Mixed Media paper. By doing them in the spiral bound sketchbook, I’m working much faster and looser, without thought of a “finished” painting.

study at creek at 900

0910171305 at 900

Above is a 4×6 “thumbnail” done after one of the gouache studies (not shown here). After looking at the study, I realized I had the horizon line much to high, so I did this little sketch to imagine the change. This makes the rough color study more valuable to me as a working tool.

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  1. Roeleen Steenkamp permalink
    September 12, 2017 4:08 pm

    Beautiful.. Love your work..

  2. September 13, 2017 3:27 pm

    Have you thought of protecting your gouache paintings with Dorland Wax Ralph. No glass or frame required.

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