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Watercolor & Gouache

April 18, 2017

library adjusted 900

This is a sketchbook piece, done from imagination and a bit of memory. While exploring in Maine a few years ago, we spotted an interesting building that, as I recall, had a sign out front indicating it was – or had been – a library. I did some sketches later from photographs. I was doing some sketching the other day, and remembered this place. Rather than look up the image in my files, I decided to just conjure it up out of my head.

You can see the pencil sketch under the watercolor washes. I used gouache for the sky, mixing up a combination of ultramarine blue, burnt umber and white, and applying it a bit more opaquely. This is fun stuff.

You’ll find more ideas and inspiration for your own experiments in my book Painting The World My Way ~ The Gouache Book. It can be ordered at:

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  1. Bridget Williams permalink
    April 18, 2017 1:00 pm

    I have purchased your new book Painting The World My Way ~ The Gouache Book, and find it very interesting. I am amazed to see you only use nine colours. I have only just started with Gouache and although I have recently purchased a set of 72 (should have got your book first!) I am going to following your example with colours to start off with.

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