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The Red Shed (Gouache)

January 8, 2017

Our recent time in Ohio produced a lot of new references. A couple of them have already appeared here as ink & watercolor drawings. I wasn’t able to get a comfortable painting setup while we were there, so I waited until we returned home to get the gouache and easel out.


The Red Shed, 5×7, gouache

I’ve lived most of my life in Texas, much of it near the Gulf Coast, so snow is not part of my natural environment. Even when I lived in the Dallas area, snow was a rare and short-lived event. Ergo, painting snow scenes does not come naturally for me. I do have to admit, however, that the wet, cold white stuff that I’m really not comfortable in does create some beautiful images. It’s easy to see why many artists love it as a painting subject.

The Red Shed was part of a collection of structures, including a huge barn, but since I haven’t been focused on gouache recently, I thought I would start with a small subject in a small format. I had every intention of painting this in a realistic manner, a la Michael Godfrey (I wish), but as is so often the case, when it got to this point, I liked it and didn’t want to overwork it.

There will be more of these to come.


On the publishing front, I just ordered a preview copy of Painting The World My Way, The Gouache Book. We’re definitely getting closer.

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