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Mount Vernon Barn

November 20, 2016

Mount Vernon Barn, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2, ink & watercolor

Here’s another one for the Barn project. This place sits beside Ohio Highway 36 between Mount Liberty and Mount Vernon. The condition of the barn is a little more rough than the way I’ve shown it, but I didn’t want to labor over it too much. Like many of these places, it’s interesting visually because of a variety of large farm implements and other objects scattered around. I’m finding that complicated subjects like the old tractor aren’t nearly as difficult to draw if I don’t agonize over it and just put the marks down without worrying about details. As far as the landscape is concerned, I’ve learned that I can suggest a wide range of things with the combination of pen marks and watercolor, and sometimes less truly is more. And yes, the barn is leaning. The whimsical nature of this kind of drawing makes little quirks like that all the more fun.

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