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Recent Gouache Work

December 10, 2014

I apologize for the down time.  My laptop has been down for a few weeks.  There has been some painting done, however, with some new ones and some being touched up and, possibly, finished.  Here is a sampling:

brushy creek round rock1

The Falls at Brushy Creek, 11×14, Gouache

Brushy Creek runs under I-30 in Round Rock, Texas.  This painting was done from a reference photo.

san saba1

San Saba Rocks, 11×14, Gouache

 I’m looking forward to doing a lot more river scenes when we move to the Austin, Texas area.  This was done from a photograph taken while driving in west Texas.

the pickup

The Pickup, 11×14, Gouache

A favorite place to watch boat traffic, pelicans and dolphins is Roberts Park in Port Aransas, Texas.  One can sit beside the waterway leading from the Gulf of Mexico to the Port of Corpus Christi and watch huge ships passing by.  We’ve been fortunate to see some interesting things, including this pickup of a pilot who had brought the tanker out of the port.  Done from a reference photograph; I’m still not sure this one is finished.


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