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At Rockport Center for the Arts

January 31, 2014


I never thought I’d place a plein air painting in a gallery.  As a member of the Rockport Center for the Arts, I get to post one piece of work a month in the Members Gallery.  My selection for February is this scene painted on the beach at Galveston Island State Park.  It’s an 8×10 gouache.


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  1. J.W.P. de Reus permalink
    February 1, 2014 6:48 am

    Thats great Ralph! Greetings from The Netherlands! Love your blog!!

  2. William R Moore permalink
    February 1, 2014 11:58 am

    Another benefit might be the Plein Air Rockport group where you can meet local outdoor painters with knowledge of good painting locations for you to paint. Maybe opportunities for group exhibits and demos.

    • William R Moore permalink
      February 1, 2014 12:04 pm

      I think it is great that via the internet that an artist exposure is global. Netherlands.

  3. Jan-Willem de Reus permalink
    February 19, 2014 6:24 am

    To be honest i follow three artist I really like, that’ s Robin Cheers, LeUyen Pham and you Ralph! Of course there many good artist in the world, but hey I picked you guys up and really love the artwork! I’m a comicmaker myself, so thats a kind of other discipline 😉 When i was sixteen i’ve worked on a animationstudio and loved the gouche background work i saw. You have a nice techniek Ralph. Love the barn paintings. Beautifull!

    • February 19, 2014 8:35 am

      Jan-Willem, the amazing thing about the internet is that an architect in the Netherlands can stumble across – and appreciate – a not particularly well-known artist in Texas. You’ve put me in some very talented company with Robin Cheers and LeUyen Pham. I love doing the barn paintings, and for an architect to appreciate them says I must be doing something right. Thank you for the kind comments!

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