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Change, Continued

May 1, 2013

I’ve been writing lately about the large volume of artwork we’re carrying around.  Just because the number of festivals we’ve done in the past two years has dwindled to virtually none, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped producing art.  Every week sees new drawings, sketches, studies or paintings.  Most of it remains unframed, of course.  But we originally loaded the motorhome with tubs of framed work as well, ready to be hung in our festival booth, with plenty of backup inventory.  It’s been six months since our last art market show.  While we definitely sold art at markets and festivals, the income derived no longer justifies the physical toll that loading and unloading, setup and teardown was taking on our bones and muscles.  Selling the ProPanels over the winter was a major step.  It signified a definite requirement for change, change in the way we sell art.  Now it’s time to take another step.


The sheer volume of framed work we have stored in the motorhome is just too much.  It’s a lot of frames.  And that translates into space and weight.  Since we no longer have the means to display framed work, taking up that space no longer makes sense.


Over the next few days, we’ll start removing most of the artwork from the frames.  We’ve been in contact with Mitch Cohen, Director of Houston’s First Saturday Arts Market.  Our association with Mitch goes back several years.  His involvement in the arts in the Houston Heights area assures that our frames will be recycled back into the local art community and be put to good use.  We did a similar thing prior to moving into the motorhome, with an overflow of frames  going to a student art association in McKinney, Texas.

We’ll transfer the frames to Mitch next week while we’re in Houston.   And we’ll put smaller work into tubs and larger work in a portfolio, which we’ll store under the bed.  We’ll begin to find other ways to sell, and if a piece needs to be framed, we’ll do it on a piece-by-piece basis.

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  1. Candace X. Moore permalink
    May 2, 2013 9:05 am

    Sounds like big changes going on with you, Ralph. Just caught up on your life over the last few months. Wow, lots going on. There are many ways to sell art, so the decision to drop the art fairs sounds wise. Looking forward to hearing how you find your way on all this. Hope life on the road is bringing you lots of happiness. Best, Candace.

  2. Dale Strong permalink
    May 3, 2013 1:14 pm

    Hi Ralph.
    I love your idea of living in an RV traveling and painting. I’m an artist also and just bought a 1966 Avion 24ft travel trailer. They are similar to Airstream Trailers. Anyhow, just started reading your many posts and want to say thanks for all of it. I’m hoping to garner some knowledge from your posts.
    Be Well,

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