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Change Is Inevitable

March 6, 2013

Things change.  The older we get, the more we understand that, and we learn to roll with the punches.

show booth Houston 2011

We’ve sold the ProPanels which have served us so well in outdoor and indoor shows in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  We love doing the shows and festivals, and if we can find a way that reduces the physical demands, we will.  But we’ve decided it’s just not smart to continue to take chances with backs and bones that are getting older, especially since our primary mission in life is to continue to travel and see the country.  We don’t want to jeapardize that.  So, the ProPanels are being shipped today to a photographer in Montana.

We’ve kept the “new” used Lightdome canopy that replaced the EZ-up that was destroyed in Ohio last summer.  And we’re keeping the tables and the two-wheel dolly.  With the space we’re gaining in the basement storage compartments of the motorhome, we can rearrange those things for easier access.  We want to hold on to the possibility of still selling small work at festivals.  We just need to find a creative way to display the work.

We have a full tub of empty used frames that we need to dispose of.  Not sure what to do with those yet.  And, if we’re not going to be displaying larger framed paintings, then we may take those out of the frames and see about selling them online unframed.  Eliminating all the larger frames will certainly free up a lot of storage space, and lighten the load a bit more as well.

Until we figure out a method for doing festivals, we’ll just put all our art marketing focus on selling online.  And maybe put together a book.

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