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Painting & Sketching on the Road

July 17, 2012

About the time I think I haven’t gotten much painting done recently, I look at the files and realize I’ve actually done quite a bit.  I’ve begun to see that the nature of our lifestyle lends itself primarily to simple sketches and studies, work that can usually be done in one sitting.  For now, I’m just letting the work take its own direction and we’ll see what comes of it.  Here, in no particular order, are a few pieces done over the last few weeks.

Fence, 5×7, Gouache, Plein Air

“Fence” was done at Friendship Village, the RV park we stayed at while we were in Bedford, PA.

I continue to experiment with little watercolor sketches, like the 4×6 piece above.  These little pieces are sometimes based on a reference photo and sometimes just conjured up out of my head.

Street Corner, 8×10, Gouache

“Street Corner” is from a reference photo shot while walking in downtown Gettysburg, PA.

The little painting above is 4×6.  I did a number of these little plein air pieces while we were sitting at Gifford Pinchot State Park outside of Dillsburg, PA.  That was our base while we visited Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and Julie Myers in Shippensburg.  These were exercises in capturing the massive amount of green in the forest, and trying to make sense of it.  It’s gouache, but instead of the usual bristle brushes I normally use, this was done almost entirely with rounds of varying sizes.

Reenactor, 5×7, Gouache

Every now and then, I take another shot at painting a face.  This old fellow was part of the Civil War Reenactment at Old Town Bedford, PA.  His was a face I had to record.  I’d still like to do more character studies in gouache.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country, An Impression from Memory, 8×10, Gouache

The title says it all.  I sat down one evening and sketched this out of my head with thin gouache.  Then, I painted this little study without using any references at all.  I only spent about an hour and a half, maybe two hours, just to see what working intuitively might accomplish.  It’s interesting to see the simplification, from the subject itself to the brushwork and paitning style.  This was a fun little exercise.

Pickin’, 8×10, Gouache & Pencil

These two fellows set up their chairs – and their tip jar – at Kettle Kitchen Village in Intercourse, PA.  I took several photos of them, and then spent some time doing the pencil drawing.  I decided to just keep it simple and use mostly thin washes over the pencil sketch.

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