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Just Another Day at the Office

May 31, 2012

46th & Ave S, Galveston, 8×10, Gouache

I’m slowly getting around to working from some of the reference photos I’ve taken in the last month or so as we’ve moved around.  We took a number of photos in residential areas of Galveston while we were there.  This is a place that’s showing some wear.

Down By Bridges’ Pond, 8×10, Gouache, Plein Air

I’ve also continued to try to spend time painting outdoors on location.  I think I’m making progress.  This was done this morning.  The pond is always an interesting subject.

The Outdoor Workroom

And I took advantage of the beautiful day to spend the afternoon catching up on show stuff.  I signed and sprayed a pile of small paintings and studies (5×7, 4×6), and packaged 40 -plus little pieces in plastic bags.  I also packaged a few 8x10s.  Still a big pile of 8x10s and larger to be varnished and packaged.  We’ll sell these unframed when we start doing shows again.  It’s a pretty sizeable inventory.  Next I need to photograph all of these and start putting them on Etsy again.

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  1. margaretquin permalink
    June 1, 2012 5:39 pm

    Like your work, Ralph! Hope you and Nell are doing well!

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