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A Show Booth in the Basement

December 1, 2011

A couple of days ago, on Back Roads & Brushes, I talked about the “utility” and equipment bays on the outside/underside of the motorhome.  There are also compartments that are used strictly for storage.  Since much of this space is used for show booth equipment, framed art, and spare frames, this post seemed more appropriate here on the Art Blog.

To put all this into perspective, this entire booth, including the artwork, will be stored in the basement compartments, along with our miscellaneous outdoor living items.  And no, Nell doesn’t go down there.  There’s room for her up top, either driving or serving as co-pilot.

Here’s a look at the storage bays as they are presently organized, although “organized” is probably a stretch.  It’s all subject to change.

Some of the bigger, newer coaches have cavernous space down below.  Ours is a bit more limited.  There is one large pass-thru compartment, and a much smaller one we’ll look at later.  Here are almost all of the ProPanels stored in the large pass-thru compartment.  On this side, there is a tub of framed artwork, and an empty tub.  That empty tub will be replaced by one with more framed artwork that is presently in the cargo trailer.

And here is the same pass-thru compartment, seen from the other side of the motorhome.  Here you can see the ProPanels, a large tub of empty frames, and some smaller tubs with show booth stuff (tools, lights, etc.).  There’s also a chair and a rolled-up outdoor carpet.

This large compartment is at the back on the passeger side.  Here are the two 2’x4′ tables, the hand dolly, and a variety of show booth items.   The gray tub by the dolly’s wheels has the side curtains for the tent, and small parts for putting the proPanels together.  There’s also a large box fan, and a couple of small decorative lamps that we use on the tables.  On the ground is a flat tub with wrapping paper and plastic bags.

I think, with some thought and a little trial-and-error packing, much of this stuff can go in the two compartments on either side of the pass-thru with the ProPanels.

This is a narrower pass-thru just behind the front wheels.  It’s perfect for the pop-up tent and the panel stabilizer bars.  This is the driver’s side view, and the storage space below will hold items not used often, such as framing tools and supplies.

This is the passenger side of the narrow pass-thru with the tent.  This will be a good spot for small items used primarily outdoors.

And below is a compartment with an upper section that extends into the basement space:

This is on the driver’s side of the motorhome.  It lines up  with the motorhome door on the passenger side, which is why it doesn’t go all the way through.  Stored above are narrower ProPanels, and the lower section will hold Christmas decorations and other items that aren’t used often.  I’m considering other locations for the panels.  The upper section would be a good spot for larger framed paintings.

I’ll use nice weather days in the next two or three months to rearrange and better organize these storage compartments.  The intent is to put all the art and show booth items together, and all of the outdoor living items (tables, folding chairs, etc.) together.  Roadside emergency items will go primarily on the passenger side to allow safe access, while less used items, or those things used only when we are stopped for an extended period of time, can be placed on the driver’s side.

It’s all subject to change, of course.  As we grow into the house-on-wheels lifestyle, I’m sure these arrangements will keep changing as we find better ways of doing things.

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  1. December 2, 2011 12:40 pm

    Fantastic Ralph. You both deserve medals. Well done and good luck to you both.

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