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Another Good Day in Houston

November 7, 2011

Sitting back in McKinney, north of Dallas on a gray Monday morning, it’s hard to imagine what a beautiful day we had on Saturday in Houston.  It was a sunny day with temperatures in the 70s.  Setting up in cool weather doesn’t take nearly as much out of us.  In fact, we were set up in a little over an hour and a half.

First booth on the corner entering the market!

We had a great corner spot right at the front of the market this time, with full exposure from every direction.  We were right across from the entertainment tent, which on other occasions would have made it hard to carry on a conversation, but on this day, it was all acoustic music.

Carrie Ann & The Apocalyptics

Mitch Cohen, the Market organizer, always does a great job of providing quality musical entertainment all day.  On this Saturday afternoon, Carrie Ann & The Apocalyptics performed.  The publicity describes their music as “a delicate blend of country, folk and Celtic rhythms anchored by thoughtful songwriting and unforced, sincere vocals”, and that’s a pretty good description.  Carrie Ann is the guitar player and lead singer.  The lady on the left in the picture played a variety of instruments, primarily violin and accordian.  Backed up by some really smooth bass work, it made for a nice sound all afternoon.

Mitch Cohen

I’ve mentioned his name so often, it’s only right that I finally post a photo of Mitch Cohen.  Mitch started the First Saturday Arts Market several years ago, and it has become a well-publicized monthly event in the historic Houston Heights in Houston, Texas.  I have a bond with the Heights, because it’s where my parents lived when I was born, and where we lived until I was two years old.  The church I grew up in and attended until I was in my thirties is also in the Heights.  Today, it has a varied cultural population, and appears to be a popular part of Houston for artists.

Nell and some of her Mini Florals

The simplicity and bright colors of Nell’s little florals, along with the ornate frames, once again made them wonderful traffic stoppers.  In fact, for most of the day, it looked like they were all we were going to sell.  The beauty of these is that they have often paid for the booth space, and they did that again this time.  Once we get settled into our new traveling lifestyle, I hope to get these into the online Etsy store we’re working on.

Nell returning from a walkaround

The crowd wasn’t quite as large as last month, but people were in a good mood.  We got plenty of visitors in the booth, and had some wonderful conversations with people we’d never met before.  We were delighted that Judy Britt, whom I knew in much younger days, dropped by again.  This time, we were delighted to send Judy home with great little painting that she purchased.

Even with a slightly smaller crowd, we were pleased to see a lot of paintings being carried out.  The taste this month seemed to run the entire range from wildly abstract to impressionist to realism.  A quality crowd with diverse tastes is good for everyone.

Not everyone was impressed

One of the great events at the Market is people watching.

Later in the afternoon, we had more sales, and ended up with a very good result.  We headed home on Sunday morning completely satisfied and feeling good.

We started doing the First Saturday Arts Market several times a year back in 2009.  Although our life is about to enter some dramatic changes, we do hope to get back to Houston on occasion to sell with Mitch and the other Market vendors.

When we got back to McKinney around mid-day Sunday, we dropped Hemi the Miniature Schnauzer and the trailer at the house, then headed into Dallas to look at a couple of RV Parks.  That’s part of the preparations we’re making for the next phase of our life.  I’ll be posting an update soon on the travel blog Back Roads & Brushes.

All in all, we had another really good day in Houston.

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  1. November 7, 2011 11:24 am

    Ralph, glad you had a great weekend. My weekend “Artists in Action” event was a bit of a bust.. I covered expenses but nothing more. It’s amazing the number of people who gush over your art and yet I can’t sell it. Alas, I had four of the “I’ll be back at the end of the show to buy this or that” but only one in ten or perhaps twenty actually do come back to make the purchase.

    I never hold my breath when a viewer says “I’ll be back for that one.” Of course, Long ago, I quit promising to hold a piece.

    Happy for your success Ralph.

  2. Steven Sellers permalink
    November 7, 2011 12:49 pm

    Always a pleasure to spend the day with you my friend ! It was a great day indeed, and though we won’t see you quite as regularly as before, it’s good to know that you are just a few key stroke away!

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