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Packing up for Houston

August 29, 2011

For my artist friends who do shows (and anyone else who’s interested), this is how I pack the artwork to travel.  Normally, there would be two large tubs, but I was able to use a medium sized one for the second tub this time.  We’re not taking as many paintings with larger frames this time.  The smaller of the two tubs is full of 5x7s.  The larger paintings are in fleece fabric “pillowcases” that Nell made specifically for this purpose.  I’m waiting to hear from a potential buyer before packing the painting of the Willford House.  There’s been quite a bit of interest in this one, so if it doesn’t sell before then, it will be available in Houston.

Nell finally managed to pull together some painting time this past weekend.  We’ll have a nice collection of her floral minis in Houston this coming weekend as well.  I love her completely uninhibited color choices.  These little gems still need to be varnished, trimmed and framed.  Then they’ll be wrapped and tucked into the empty spaces in the tubs.

While all of Texas needs rain, we’d prefer that the Houston Heights not get any rain on Saturday.  We’ve held off on putting out the money for a new tent top, so we’ll be crossing our fingers that we don’t have to deal with torrential rain this weekend.

We’ll be at the First Saturday Arts Market in Houston’s historic Heights area Saturday, September 3rd, from 11am to 8pm.

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