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Portrait explorations continued…

May 15, 2011

The studio got painted over the weekend, and isn’t back in operating mode yet.  So on Sunday, I spent a few hours doing pencil portrait sketches from photographs.  Here are a few attempts at sketching a nephew, my boys, a grandchild, and a son-in-law.  I stress that they are “attempts”, because the likenesses are pretty weak at this point.  Nonetheless, these are really fun to do.  I estimate that I spent less than an hour on each of them.

My nephew Kevin can grow hair faster than anyone I know. His family will probably not want me to encourage him, but I love this image of him. I'll keep working at it until I get the likeness closer. For now, it was just plain fun to do.


My two boys, Chuck (above) and Dale (below) are favorite subjects, even though I struggle to get strong likenesses. I have another pose of Dale, but I liked the one below for now, because it was a bit different.

I'll continue to work on getting a good likeness of Isabella. In this one, one of the eyes is out of whack pretty bad as well.

Son-in-law Scott bears a strong resemblance to Mr. Clean. I came close here, but it's still not quite right.


The interesting thing about portraits is that if one doesn’t know the subject, one has no idea if the likeness is anywhere close to the reality.  I could have done without the caption notes here, I suppose, but there will be some who will want to know who the subjects are, and family will be likely to say, “well, that doesn’t look like him/her at all”.  So I figured I’d go ahead and qualify things up front.  While I am trying to get a likeness, I am also trying to do good sketches.  The drawing part is working.  I’ll continue to strive for a better likeness in every case as I continue to experiment with portraits.

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