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Joseph Skywolf clubs

March 25, 2011

Make me an offer I can’t refuse…

If you’ve been following along recently, you know we are planning to hit the road eventually, living and travelling fulltime in a motorhome.  (More about that on my blog Back Roads & Brushes.)  Part of the plan is to sell the townhome and divest ourselves of most of our worldly possessions.  To that end, I’m going to post a few things here on the blog just to let my friends know they are available.  If they sell, fine.  If they don’t… well, we’ll find a home for them eventually.

About twenty years ago, we did a show in Houston, at what I believe was the George Brown Convention Center.  A few booths down from mine was a young Native American named Joseph Skywolf.  Joseph’s booth was full of clothing, weapons, and other artifacts, all handmade reproductions reflecting traditional American Indian craftsmanship.  This wasn’t a bunch of crappy souvenirs.  This was beautiful stuff like I’d not seen before.

Joseph and I did a little bartering.  I traded him a graphite pencil drawing of a Mexican saddle for a couple of his ceremonial clubs, and I bought a couple more.  We’re not going to have walls to display them on, and I don’t want to store them.  I’d like the clubs to go to a good home.  Joseph Skywolf’s beadwork and artifact reproductions have received worldwide recognition and have been displayed at the Smithsonian Institution and the Museums of Natural Science in London, Scotland, Venezuela, and Japan.  Today, he sells his work at Skywolf’s Gallery in Teton Village, Wyoming.  I don’t remember what I paid for them, and I have no idea what to ask for them.  His website doesn’t show artifacts of this type, so I don’t know if he even makes these anymore.  An email to his website didn’t get a reply.

Joseph said the clubs were assembled using the old, traditional methods and processes taught to him by his Apache elders.  The three larger clubs are 23″ – 24″ long.  The heads are large bones or pieces of buffalo hoof.  The feathers are all in good condition.  I’ll just toss them out here, and we’ll see if anyone’s interested.  I’ll entertain reasonable offers.

Club #1 & Rattle

Rattle closeup ~ black claws dangling from handle make a rattling sound

Club #1 closeup

Club #2

Club #2 closeup

Club #3

Club #3 closeup

If you’re interested, email me at  I’ll leave it open for a while until I see what kind of offers come in, if any.  I’ll treat it like an auction, and post the offers, without posting the names of bidders.

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  1. November 6, 2011 6:53 am

    Contact us at Eagle Dancer Gallery in League City, Texas if you still need assistance marketing these clubs by Skywolf. We represented his works for more than 20+ years and continue to do-so today. It’s not a great market {for any retail} but we can certianly help find these beauties new homes. Contact us at 281.332.6028 Tues through Sat 10a – 6p… we’ll discuss the best method for re-marketing Skywolfs works. Our e-mail is; / our website is;
    Gregory C. Reynolds, Director
    Eagle Dancer Gallery ~ Texas

    • November 27, 2011 7:15 am

      Thanks for getting in touch. As it turns out, we’ve passed them on to a family member who will enjoy them and give them a good home. That was our concern: that they be respected and cared for, so we’re satisfied.

      Thanks again,
      Ralph Parker

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