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And so it continues…

March 1, 2011

I have to apologize for being so hit-and-miss with the blog lately.  If you’ve been following along, you’re aware that we are in a transitional phase of our lives.  I’ve also been remiss in my activities as a Guide on the WetCanvas Landscape Forum.  In addition, I’ve suspended show activities so far this year.  There’s just too much to do.

  The task of divesting ourselves of all our worldly possessions is a daunting one.  Some days it feels completely overwhelming as I look around and see more “stuff” and “things” that need to be disposed of.  “What’s taking so long?” one might ask.  I have no doubt that if Nell were not still working fulltime, this would all be done by now.  She’s just that way.  Me… not so much.  I’m a “keeper of things”… a packrat.  Not a “hoarder” in the sense of those poor people one sees on the reality TV shows, but a packrat nonetheless.  I’ve kept a lot of stuff.

As I’ve gone through some file cabinets, I’ve realized that, like most aspiring artists, I kept things in years past – just filed them away – because, after all, someday someone might want to do a biography of Ralph Parker, the famous artist.  At this stage of my life, I know what a load of narcissistic BS that is, but the fact remains that I kept sketches, notes, thoughts, ideas… and they fill several drawers, folders and notebooks.  I remember when I wrote this, or sketched that, so it’s been quite a trip down memory lane.  But the fact is that no one is going to care about half-finished novels, ideas for cool house plans and studios, and a myriad of other little projects.  So it all has to go.

But it all takes time.  A plan is beginning to come together, but deciding what’s trash and what’s garage sale stuff is time-consuming.  And it has, without doubt, taken time away from my artwork.  And I sometimes find myself almost panicking, as if I’m going to forget how to draw or paint if I don’t spend several hours a day working at it.  The honest truth is that I’d just simply rather be doing that than what I’m doing.  But this all has to be done.  And, of course, the sooner it’s done, and this phase of the transition is complete, I’ll be able to focus even more clearly on my work as an artist.

Maybe today I’ll tackle those last two drawers in the tall file cabinet in the corner of the studio.

And finish emptying out the closet in there.

So.  Back to it.

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  1. March 1, 2011 6:07 pm


    I could never do what you are doing – getting rid of junk that are my treasures and past or maybe
    future inspirations. Why don’t you rent a climate controlled storage place until you actually have
    spent time on the road and know for sure that that life style is for you. I had the same aspirations
    when we bought our 5th wheel but though I love the travelling – full time is just not for us. And you
    might never get to retrieve some of the stuff you threw away…just a thought. Pam

    • March 1, 2011 6:36 pm

      Pam, you make some good points. I think I’ll put my response in the form of another post. Thanks, as always, for looking in and commenting.


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