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Little Shoes

February 25, 2011

Little Shoes, 5x7, Gouache

Nell was going through a box that had been in a closet for several years, and she found these shoes.  On the bottom of each one was a single word: “Ralph”.  Mothers know things, and mine must have known even then that I was going to be a wanderer, because these were pretty sturdy.  Then again, it could have been because I was a pretty stout little guy, and was probably going to need the support.

I’m continuing to experiment with the new M. Graham gouache that I was sent.  I like it.  As other gouache artists have said, it seems a bit creamier than the DaVinci that I normally use.  I just wish they’d package it in larger tubes… and maybe bring the price down a little.  I’ve determined that I’ll probably use it primarily for small things like these little still life pieces, where I need a little more detail.  And maybe for some small landscapes, especially those with buildings or other structures.  Considering the way I spread paint around on larger landscapes, I’m going to have to sell a lot more paintings before I can use the M. Graham exclusively.

In this little study of the shoes, I’ve used a palette of burnt sienna, hansa yellow, dioxazine purple and titanium white.  The purple is something completely new for me.  I’ve tended to stay with a very limited palette up to now, but I really liked using the purple in this little piece.  Who knows what might come next.  I may even learn to like alizarin crimson.

This was a really fun nostalgic painting to do.

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  1. Carol Z permalink
    February 25, 2011 3:45 pm

    Oh I’m loving these. Since you can’t keep everything, you can have it for a moment. And then package these up to sell and your shoes will become memories for another family!

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