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Just paint

January 22, 2011

Artist Sandra Haynes has just had an article in the Fine Art Views Daily Newsletter, titled “Just Do It”.  Here’s an excerpt that speaks to all of us:

Somewhere it has been said that after you paint a thousand canvases, you will know how to paint. Your painting style will also start to emerge. I’m working on that theory and believe it to be true. A lot of what I have painted was pretty much garbage, but it was the best I could do at the time. But guess what? Each one gets better.

Will I stop when I think I’m pretty good? Absolutely not! I will paint until I do my thousand and then decide if I need to do another thousand.

You will make a multitude of mistakes, but they’re not fatal.  In fact, they are necessary…and there are a lot people out there to cheer you on.

That kind of puts things in perspective, I think.

Over the past week, I’ve made a long trip for a very sad occasion, done something which has been very exciting, and delved into a lot of research.  What I haven’t done is paint.  It’s time to see if my neglected brushes are still speaking to me.

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