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Recap: First Saturday Arts Market, November 2010

November 8, 2010


We had a great day in Houston at the November First Saturday Arts Market.  The weather was beautiful… sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s.  It was a bit cold when we set up, but by showtime it was very comfortable.  It was that time of year when there wasn’t a lot of yard work to do, but people wanted to get out and do something.

Mitch Cohen, the promoter of this event, gave us a prime spot, right on sidewalk facing the street.  The show was set up in two parking lots, and we were on the lot closest to the customer parking areas, so people saw us coming and going.  After a couple of weeks of rain in Houston, folks were in a good mood.  We got good traffic, and a lot of nice comments.

Mary Steagall and I

Three old friends from my youth stopped by at different times just to say hello.  Mary Steagall and her husband, Forrest, showed up during the morning.  You’ll notice some empty spots behind us in the photo.  Mary bought a grouping of small paintings, along with one of Nell’s minis, to take home with her.  During the afternoon, Judy Britt dropped by and we had a really great conversation with her.  Judy was trying to ignore some pain in her knee, and I was happy she fought through it to come and see us.  And close to closing time, old friend Scotty Croom showed up, and we spent some time talking about old times.  Wonderful conversation with friends from my childhood.  We had all reconnected via Facebook, by the way.

"Creek in Winter", 8x10, Gouache

In addition to Mary’s purchases, we also sold more of Nell’s minis, and a larger painting, Creek in Winter.  A very nice couple spent quite a bit of time in the booth, trying to decide if they had room for one more painting at home.  His birthday was coming up, so she bought it for him to go in his office.  One always wishes for more sales, but this show did allow us to come home with a decent little profit.

Nell during the after lunch lull in traffic


View of booth from street and main sidewalk

All in all, a good day and a good show.  It was nice to end our show year on a positive note with beautiful weather.  The drive home on Sunday morning was spent in some serious conversation, thinking (or rethinking) about some things we might change in regard to shows, and how shows of various sizes can fit into our plans for the future.  There was also some discussion about my art and the direction it might take.  There’s some serious soul searching in my immediate future, but those are things for future blogs.

Stay tuned.

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  1. November 8, 2010 12:53 pm

    Congrats on the sales to both you and Nell. Funnyt thing, Linda and I were looking at the show pics and amazed at how your show looks exactly like our shows over here….they really look no different. That was cool your old friends stopped by to say hi too. That’s the great thing about the computer…the ability to connect with those from our past. That’s a gorgeous painting of the snow you sold too Ralph…super work!

  2. November 14, 2010 10:58 am

    Ralph, I find your work very inspirational. I’m an old geezer arts fair painter and I love your work. I’ve just started experimenting in gouache and will follow your blog with great interest.

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