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Flower Garden Series #1, 2 & 3

June 15, 2010

This week’s subject is Flower Gardens.  Some may be English style, or country gardens, simply because I can put more variations of plants and color in them.  I’ve found it interesting that a large number of visits to my blog are from people searching for “English Gardens”.  Must be a lot of interest in them.

I’m finding that I actually prefer doing these at a slightly larger size.  The palette for these, so far, is ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, yellow medium, burnt umber, burnt sienna, red, alizaran crimson, yellow ochre, and titanium white.  A slightly larger palette than my norm.  No special reason for the cobalt blue, other than just seeing what the difference is.  I don’t think it made a lot of difference to me, actually.  And I used alizaran simply because I’m about out of red, and my latest paint order isn’t due in for another week.  Otherwise, I’d have probably used my standard limited palette.

The first two are 5×7, and the third is 8×10, all on cold press Crescent board.  I’ve added a couple of blowups after the 8×10 just as a matter of interest.


…and the enlarged details.  These are slightly larger than real life, and as usual, I’ve sharpened them a tad to give a better feel for the brushwork.

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