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Wagon Series ~ #1 with detail

May 31, 2010
The subject this week is “Wagons”.  While I have located a few wagons in other countries, I’ve decided to focus on old wagons used for various purposes, primarily in 19th century America.  In general, I’ll be using techniques a bit different from my normal landscape work.  There is a lot of texture and a lot of character in these old wagons, and I’d like to try to convey that.  What you’ll see will be wagon “portraits”… vignettes and even unfinished sketches with simple, somewhat abstract backgrounds… a form of “wagon still life”, if you will.  I’ve already found that there’s a lot more drawing involved when working this way on a subject like this.
So with that, here’s the first one:
When we think of John Deere, we naturally think of tractors and other yard and farm equipment.  In doing a little research, I found that John Deere was apparently one of the early makers of farm wagons.  This is very similar to the John Deere box wagon.  There would have been a seat attached on top, so the driver would have been sitting up pretty high on this three board high wagon.
I worked with a lot of transparency and washes on this one.   Here’s a detail:
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