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Barn Series, #1 (with detail)

May 21, 2010

Life has slowed down my blogging, but I’m trying to get back on track.  I’ve designated next week to be “Barn Week”.  I’ll be posting a new small barn painting daily on my “showcase” blog  They will appear on this blog as well, unless I choose to post something else… a new larger painting, a ramble about art, or other things artists might be interested in.  So, I’ll try to keep both blogs up to date if you’ll try to check in on both of them.

I’ll be using various palette combinations, trying different techniques… whatever strikes my fancy.  I’ve also challenged myself that any larger paintings I do during the week will be within that week’s subject matter.  Don’t know how that will go, but I need a little order in my painting approach, and maybe this will help.

I decided to start “Barn Week” early, and this is the first post.  By not using a caption here, I can show a slightly larger image than on the other blog.  For my artist friends, I’ll also try to post a detail with these, showing the brushwork and color.

And an oversized detail:

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