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Some little ones

February 21, 2010

The new stuff that’s going to Houston for our first art festival of the year (First Saturday Arts Market, March 6th) is varnished and ready to frame, so I played with paint a little today.   I haven’t painted on gesso for nearly a year, I think, so I cut a stack of 5×7 pieces and prepped them with some old gesso.  I’ve ordered a new jar, but it will take a week or more to get here, so I pulled out the old stuff, which was a bit thick.  It made for some really nice textural brush strokes on the Crescent board.  I was in sky mode, so I sketched in the landscape with a low horizon and then just had fun.  We sold quite a few of these little ones at the shows last year, so these will just go on a stack to be culled when they’re needed.

I’ve included a closeup of each of them, because I thought it made a pretty interesting image.

Both 5×7, gouache on gessoed cold press Crescent board

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