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A Good Idea at the Time

February 4, 2010

Sometimes they just don’t go well.  If I had a bigger ego, I probably wouldn’t post this, but hey, it’s supposed to also be educational, right?  I have yet to paint a good gnarled, twisted old tree.  This was sort of an opportunity, although it’s not one of those really cool twisted trees, just a little wobbly in places with a couple of dead branches.  I wanted it to be sort of mixture of Corot and 19th century Russian landscape.  The colors were headed in the right direction, I think, and the brushwork was starting to come alive.  But the longer I work on it, the less I like it.  I think it’s the composition.  This is actually a tree/fence line along a dusty back road that leads to the park I’ve painted at in the past.  But I don’t like it.

So… even though it’s only partly done, it does have some interesting color and some cool, very wet-into-wet, almost watercolor-ish spots, so I’m going to post it to feed the blog.  It really did seem like a good idea at the time.  It’s 16×20, gouache on cold press Crescent board.

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