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First Saturday Arts Market, Houston, December Show Recap

December 10, 2009

If I had to choose one word to describe this past weekend’s First Saturday Arts Market, it would be easy. The word would be Cold. Before we left Dallas, the weather reports said it was snowing in Houston. Snow and Houston are not two words that normally go together, and especially at the beginning of December. I loaded the car on Friday, picked Nell up at work, and we headed south, not knowing what kind of conditions we would run into. As it turned out, the drive to our kids’ home on the west side of Houston was uneventful. No rain or snow on the windshield, dry roads until we got very close to their home. We did encounter some slick spots the next morning on the way to the show venue in the Houston Heights, and passed some unfortunate souls who forgot that driving on ice is not like driving on snow.

With the help of our son-in-law, we got set up in plenty of time, got something hot to drink, and waited to see if anyone was going to venture out. The sun was shining, and except for the temperature, it was a beautiful day. The main Arts Market venue is between two galleries.  We had the same corner spot as the last time, separate from the main location, but intended to be an extension of the show, near the closest customer parking lot.  Most of the Market customers park in that lot, or get off the shuttle buses right in front of our spot.  We were supposed to have a half dozen or more booths joining us in that location. None of them showed up. As a result, we were hanging out alone, completely separated from the main Market venue. That was a prime spot last month, but with a thinner crowd, and sitting alone, we looked a bit out of place. In fact, one person even asked us if we were part of the Arts Market. Fortunately, Nell and I like each other, and were able to keep each other company for the entire day, with an occasional customer wandering in from the sidewalk.

We were in the sun for the first few hours, but as the day progressed, we eventually found ourselves in the shadow of one of the gallery buildings. We moved our chairs out of the booth and into the sun, until it moved further. Then we stood out in the sun in the adjoining parking lot, until the shade finally overtook us. Did I mention that it was cold? The temperature was, I believe, in the 40’s most of the day, so the slightest breeze added to the chill. The poor food vendor ran out of coffee, then hot chocolate. We had laughed about wearing long johns, but by three o’clock in the afternoon, it sounded like it would have been an excellent idea.

We did have some customers, and we did sell a few small things, so it wasn’t a complete blank. And although we did recover our booth fee, we ended up with a loss this trip. Still… we did have a previous buyer stop by, and we sold a small piece to another artist, always good for the ego. Should we have stayed home this time? Probably. But we now consider ourselves pros at this, and we had committed to the show. A pro shows up.

I did manage to take a few photos of the booth. The arrangement of the framed 5×7 landscapes is an eye catcher, and, as it did last month, did draw people into the booth. We are not scheduled for another show until the first of March, so now we have time to welcome a new grandchild into the world in a couple of weeks, enjoy the holidays, and get some new work done.

Here are a couple of shots of the booth…

We did have visitors…

Our location related to the rest of the Market…  The booth down there is where the live entertainment performs.

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  1. January 5, 2010 2:50 am

    Hello Ralph,
    I was one of your customers that Saturday in Houston – probably one of the last of the day purchasing a small $45 landscape late in the afternoon. Had a chance to look at your website. You have some very nice paintings. Will make sure to stop by again if you come back to First Saturday – later this spring

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