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November 7th First Saturday Arts Market Recap

November 9, 2009

What a delight it is when a buyer from a previous show seeks you out to tell you how much she loves her painting.  And when another buyer says they saw your work online, was disappointed that their favorite painting had sold, but they buy another one at the show.  Those are a couple of the highlights of this most recent show, and tell us we must be doing something right.

This was a good show for us.  Beautiful weather, a decent crowd, a great corner spot… and sales.  We voluntary took a chance on an overflow spot around the corner from the main show venue.  It turned out to be a good decision.  We got to see many of the visitors twice as they came and went from one of the main parking lots.  It was the first time we’ve had a corner booth, and now we know why it’s prime real estate.  It gave us a chance to set up in a new configuration, and get lots of very open exposure.  We were also able to park very close for setup and teardown, which was a big plus as well.  Note to Mitch Cohen, Market Manager (I know you’ll read this):  We will gladly “anchor” the show from that spot all the time.  Unfortunately, while I did charge the camera before leaving home, I neglected to put a memory stick in it, so I have no photos of this setup.  Duh.

A couple of other artists sought us out specifically, one who had visited the show previously, and had a booth for the first time, and another who is primarily a watercolor artist, but is also working with gouache.  He had found me online and came to the show to meet and say hello.  I really enjoyed visiting with him, but (note to other show artists) I must remember next time that customers come first and visitors (especially other artists) must take a back seat when customers enter the booth.  Fortunately, Nell was there to help greet them and answer questions but I need to be more careful of that in the future.  We were delighted with the sales.  Keep in mind, that since my prices are low, a good show for us might be peanuts for others, but we are accomplishing our personal mission, our long range plan is on track, and we are being profitable.  What more can one ask?  We sold three of my landscapes and one of Nell’s mini florals.  Dollar-wise, it was our best First Saturday so far, and regardless of how we do at the December show, we will end the year with a show profit.  Not bad when you understand that we really expected a loss for our first year doing art festivals.

Interesting Statistics Which Probably Mean Absolutely Nothing:  Of the three landscapes that sold, all were Texas landscapes.  Two of them were my most recent work, done in the last month.  One of the pieces that sold was “Morning Reds”, which was featured in the most recent newsletter.  I knew that piece would sell, but didn’t expect it to be so quick.

So, overall, a very good, enjoyable show.  The five hour one-way drive takes its toll, but we really enjoy doing this show, and from conversations with our buyers, we feel we may be seeing the beginnings of a collector base in the Houston area.  We will do the December 5th show, then lay off during January and February, returning to the Market for the March show.

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  1. November 11, 2009 7:05 pm

    I hear ya Ralph! Y’all really did look good out there and if I can get away with it you will get your wish. Congrats! and see ya in a few weeks.

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