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Two New Gouache Paintings

September 25, 2009

I’ve fallen a bit behind here, so I’ll put up two new pieces.

The first was an attempt at a sort of classical 19th century look.  I’m fascinated by the Russian painters, especially those who painted rural farm scenes, and studied a few of them before doing this little painting.  It’s a bit out of my normal zone, and, while I wanted an earthy, almost gritty feel to it, it ended up a bit darker than I intended.  The figure is from a photo of my sister-in-law in her garden.  I’m afraid she won’t recognize the background at all, however, because I took some severe liberties to get the scene I wanted.  I’m still not sure I accomplished my intent with this one, and may approach the subject again at some future time.

“Morning Selection” ~ 8×10, gouache on cold press Crescent board

Morning Selections

The second painting was a return to familiar territory.  The big tree presented itself on a curve as we were being driven around the Ohio countryside by one of Nell’s brothers.  I managed to get off a quick shot of it.  I was fascinated by its size and shape, and by all the bare branches that seemed to explode out in every direction.

“Back Road Surprise” ~ 11×14, gouache on cold press Crescent board

Back Road Surprise

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  1. November 25, 2009 5:29 am

    your gouache paintings are wonderful!!! Amazing job! best wishes.

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