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Country Road

May 13, 2009

This is another piece that’s larger than my norm, but I do enjoy the size.  Although this is an imaginary scene, it’s one that just feels very familiar.  Since we’ve started taking the work to the public, we’re hearing a lot of references to that sense of familiarity.  People look at the general body of work, and really do use words like “peaceful” and “serene”, and then they point at specific paintings and say “That reminds me of…”.  I get tremendous pleasure and a real sense of validation from those comments, especially when they come from complete strangers who could easily have just walked on past the booth.

Although the composition is “invented”, an Eric Tiemens term which I like, I used several photographs taken in Ohio as references for this one, just to keep me focused on shapes and especially the interior volume of the the trees.  One of the challenges I really enjoy is trying to capture that volume and sense of depth, but still keep it fairly impressionistic.  Hopefully I was reasonably successful with this one.

This is 16×20, gouache on Multimedia Artboard

Country Road

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