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Blues Rock, a gouache painting

April 25, 2017
rocks on hwy 29 900

Blues Rock, 8×10, Gouache

Like a lot of artists, when I don’t paint for a while, I get a bit rusty. I’ve focused on drawing and sketching a lot lately, and was beginning to feel out of touch with the paint and brushes. This is the second painting I’ve done in the past few days (the first one wasn’t bad, but we’ll call it a warmup).

studio april 2017 900

I took my time with this one. As most of you know by now, my “studio” space is tiny. My easel stays broken down and tucked away when I’m not painting. I decided to leave it stored and paint the way I did in the very beginning, with the board lying almost flat on my workspace table top. It was actually kind of a relaxed way of working. The palette for this painting included Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Red, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Medium, Hansa Yellow Light, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna. As always, the greens were a challenge.

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Watercolor & Gouache

April 18, 2017

library adjusted 900

This is a sketchbook piece, done from imagination and a bit of memory. While exploring in Maine a few years ago, we spotted an interesting building that, as I recall, had a sign out front indicating it was – or had been – a library. I did some sketches later from photographs. I was doing some sketching the other day, and remembered this place. Rather than look up the image in my files, I decided to just conjure it up out of my head.

You can see the pencil sketch under the watercolor washes. I used gouache for the sky, mixing up a combination of ultramarine blue, burnt umber and white, and applying it a bit more opaquely. This is fun stuff.

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Palette Knife Gouache

March 19, 2017


I don’t use a palette knife very often with gouache, but it can produce some nice results. It works well for skies, especially, using gray and blue mixtures and touches of pure white. ¬†Grassy fields are fun as well, using a variety of yellows, golds, ochres and greens.

Little Gouache Sketches

March 13, 2017

I’ve been spending some time the last few days just playing around with small gouache sketches. These are 4″x 6″ sketchbook studies.

sketchbook barn 900

sketchbook farm 900

These are both from photos taken in Ohio.


Influences & Inspiration ~ Dean Mitchell

March 9, 2017

Sometimes an artist comes along that deals with the subjects you love, and does it in a way that makes you think maybe getting that novel published would have been easier than trying to be an artist. Although Dean Mitchell has been producing his beautiful watercolors for a long time, his work is a fairly recent discovery for me. He doesn’t just paint beautifully, his compositions are masterful and his subjects touch you emotionally. His paintings are a reminder that, aside from knowledge and skill, the glue that holds it all together and makes it work is creativity.

Dean_Mitchell 2 600

Watercolor, Dean Mitchell, title and size unknown


March 8, 2017

My Way

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March 7, 2017


Leaner 900

The Leaner, 8×10, Gouache

From a reference photo taken on our Ohio trip this past November. There are spots in this that could use a bit more work, but I think I’ll leave it alone for now.